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The gloves, bats and other baseball equipment that's sitting in your closet or garage right now can open a whole world of opportunities for an underprivileged kid. Pitch in your gently-used equipment or donate money to give the gift of baseball to a deserving child.

We're accepting donations of new or gently-used:

    •   Fielding gloves
    •   Youth bats
    •   Catcher's mitts and protective gear
    •   Batting helmets
    •   Baseballs and softballs
    •   Soft cover balls for Tee Ball
    •   Rubber baseball cleats
    •   Youth uniform pants (sets of 12, or more, if not white or gray)
    •   Youth uniform shirts and hats (sets of 12, or more)
    •   Umpire protective gear
    •   Team equipment bags
    •   Sets of bases
    •   Batting tees
    •   Pitching machines

If you would like to support our efforts with a donation of money, please visit our Pitch In Some Green page.

What is the definition of "gently-used"?
'Gently-used' items are not damaged or in need of repair. The best way to think about something being "gently-used" is if you would feel comfortable giving it to a friend or family member. If in doubt, go ahead and send it in.

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