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Pitch In For Baseball Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guide

Pitch In For Baseball has had great success working with Bar and Bat Mitzvah students for their Mitzvah projects. If you have a love for the sports of baseball or softball and want to give back to the community, then join our team!

By being part of our team, you will help kids around the world learn to enjoy and play the great game of baseball. Unfortunately, many children cannot play the sport because they don't have the equipment or money to buy it. With your Mitzvah project, you can give back to the baseball community by sharing your love for baseball with children around the globe.

Here is how to make your Bar/Bat Mitzvah project a hit:

  1. Download our official Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project Guide, HERE
  2. Use our downloadable resources, HERE, to promote your project.
  3. Create your own PIFB online fundraising webpage through our charitable giving partner,, HERE
  4. Hold your equipment collection drive
  5. Ship your collected equipment to:
    Pitch In For Baseball
    1541 Gehman Road
    Harleysville, PA 19438
  6. Smile because you've made a difference!

Some Major League Mitzvah Projects

Jaxson Dubinsky leads the way
Jaxson, of Leawood, MO recently traveled halfway across the country to come to our facilities in Harleysville, PA. It was a great culmination to a fantastic Bar Mitzvah project to Jaxson and the Dubinsky family. Aside from hosting an equipment drive, Jaxson donated equipment to an RBI program in Kansas City where he will see firsthand the impact that he is making. Thank you, and way to go, Jaxson!

Bryce Galella takes charge
Bryce, of Courtland Manor, NY says, "I started playing T-ball when I was 5 years old. I have been playing baseball every season since, and it is my favorite sport. As my Bar Mitzvah project I hope to help other kids by partnering with Pitch in for Baseball to collect and donate baseball uniforms and equipment to those countries with the greatest need."

Jake Cohen is a real champ
Cohen, of Bedford Hills, NY says, "For my bar mitzvah project, I joined Pitch In For Baseball to give everyone the chance to play baseball. I know how it feels to play baseball and it's a great feeling. I asked all my friends and relatives to bring a glove, a bat, or any equipment they could to my bar mitzvah and I also went places to pick it up. The heads of the Bedford Hills/Katonah baseball and softball leagues went through their storage rooms and gave us a ton of stuff." In addition to all the equipment you see, below, Jake also raised in excess of $600...thanks, champ!

Jake Cohen with his bar mitzvah project equipment collection for Pitch in for Baseball

Matt Kaiser went the extra mile
(Excerpt and photo, below, courtesy of Bucks County Courier Times-READ ARTICLE )
This season, (Matt Kaiser) has decided to spread (his love for baseball) around by collecting new or gently used youth baseball equipment. (The equipment collected from this bar mitzvah project) will be given to an organization called Pitch In For Baseball, which donates the equipment to players from low-income families around the world. So in addition to scooping grounders, shagging flies and belting line drives, Kaiser will be helping others do the same. "In the spring, when I get my equipment ready for the upcoming season, I usually have to replace something I've outgrown," Matt said. "I feel very fortunate that almost anything I've needed, I've been able to get. I can't imagine what it would be like to not be able to play because I couldn't afford a glove, or a bat, or anything." Matt, everyone at Pitch In For Baseball says THANK YOU for helping us to help others enjoy this great sport!


See the equipment you collect benefit Israeli kids

If your Bar/Bat Mitzvah plans include a visit to Israel, we can arrange for you to meet Israeli kids who love baseball, and even participate in their baseball activities.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us at 267-263-4069. We will answer your questions, help brainstorm new ideas, and give you some ideas of what to do next.


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